Reserve Raisins Class Action

Agreement to Be Bound Online Filing

This page only applies to persons who did not previously opt into the class and who recently received anAgreement to Be Bound form in the mail. Such persons will participate in the settlement only if they return theAgreement to Be Bound form by regular mail or submit it online here.

If you did not receive any Agreement to Be Bound form but received a different Notice from KCC, then you are already participating in the settlement and do not need to file anything to participate.

If you received an Agreement to Be Bound form in the mail, you can file your form online if you choose to participate as a Deemed Settlement Class Member in this lawsuit and to be bound by the settlement.  

If you received two or more Agreement to Be Bound forms in the mail, they are not duplicates. It is critical that you submit each and every Agreement to Be Bound form that you received in the mail.

To log in to file your Agreement to Be Bound form online click here 
You will need your 8-digit Claim Number (
e.g., 300002596) and 6-digit PIN Code (e.g., 107632) located at the top of the Agreement to Be Bound form that was mailed to you.